Otis Kitchenware  2020
PROJECT                       EXHIBITED AT        
Earth to Table              Stockholm Light
                                       & Furniture Fair 2021
Product Design / Ceramic Design / Food Design / Wheel-throwing

Otis is the result of a project exploring the transition to eating more plant-based for the environment. Meat and dairy are foods that are usually replaced by legumes since they are rich in protein. These are cooked and modified in different ways - often to imitate meat or other animal products such as vegan cheese or yoghurt. Something many of these foods have in common is that they are often curdled and pressed, just like tofu. The increase of people switching diets has led to an interest for cooking and coming up with new plant-based recipes based on this technique.
This three-piece stoneware set consists of functional kitchenware such as a bowl, a colander and a small plate.  When the pieces are stacked together they create a press-drainer where the plate doubles as a lid and the colander as a form to shape the foods. Its high feet allows the colander to create a space in the bowl for the liquid to go, and create a comfortable handle for the lid/plate. They are made of stoneware for durability and longevity.
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